Guilty Pleasures

For most of my adult life I have indulged in a guilty pleasure that I don’t often discuss with others. This pleasure gives me a visceral thrill, relaxes and excites me, helps me to sleep, and fills my dreams with exotic scenarios. It is a pleasure that I have in common with many others although I don’t know what sends others to it. I suspect that their interest in it differs from my own. Undertaking this blog, I knew I would have to confess and address my addiction. It is an addiction to interior design.


Why, you may ask, would this pleasure make me guilty? Put it down to a religious upbringing in which the material world is to be rejected. We can also blame the intellectual and artistic communities in which I live and thrive. Art is not interior decoration (it is meaning, remember?) and for an artist to be interested in decor is suspect. Looks like a lack of seriousness. A true intellectual should not stoop to interest in such things. “Fifteen  wonderful ways with sheets” would not be an article considered worthy of my attention as a teacher and thinker. But what the hell I tell myself. I REALLY enjoy looking at pictures of beautiful interiors. Always have.


I don’t look at these pictures and think, “OOH I must get one of those”. Or if I do, only occasionally. I look and feel… intrigued. There is a little brain buzz and my attention snaps into focus. What is it that makes THIS image so appealing? I start to take it apart. The high celings, the play of light across the floor, the unexpected objects and juxtapositions, the symmetry of its arrangements. Voila! Whether I can imagine myself living in such a space doesn’t matter. It is to be enjoyed like a still life painting, a grouping of sculpture.

photo (1)

What fun for a shelter mag fan like myself, to live in this time of on-line magazines, blogs, pinterest and instagram (if I can figure out how I want to use it). I have to keep my addiction under control, but there are no end of opportunities to indulge. And so now I am out of the closet it’s time to give back to all those whose magazines and posts have delighted over the years, and that I will do in this blog.

 lucretia on couchHere in my own home, a big red couch and one of my pillow designs for the artefact gallery. Is it giving you the buzz?


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