Down to Business

The art business, that is. After a couple of weeks of sketching to try to get a bit limber, I pulled out my freshly bought paints and got down to work. Well, really, I was fooling around. Taking the new paints out for a spin. I offer you three tree paintings, two more abstract, one less so. Which do you like best?


1 thought on “Down to Business

  1. Hi Christine,

    Being the traditionalist, I have to say I love the figurative the most. I especially like the way you rendered the trees. Nice hues, sketchiness is good at edges. Of the other two, I go for the one with the pink – but the best part is the top half, with rich blocks of colour. 2 cents, that is all no doubt. Bright and sunny here today, the start of the thaw. Went up to the top of Westmount this morning and saw three cardinals chirping away frolicking in the balmy breezes. What a sigh of relief we are all feeling.

    Miss you, Love Alison xx

    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:23:11 +0000 To:

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