In the Souse

I have been gone for a few days. I have been in the souse.  The French have trouble with words containing  the “th”  sound. In Quebec, it will be pronounced as a “d”: ” I go over dere”.  However,  a young Frenchman I know pronounces it as an “s”. Thus, I have been in the souse. Visiting his parents, in fact. And his grandparents at their chateau on a wine estate in Bordeaux. I have not BEEN soused, or only slightly. After all, this region creates the best wine in the world, and  what a delight to stay with people whose friends and family have lived with and work with  the vine for generations. Time for pictures.


Our hosts with Alan. Note castle in the background. This one is not theirs. I was also researching my book, a project I’m sure you remember (if not, see my blog post: Dames d’un Certain Age) since my hostess epitomizes everything we are wanting to study in enviable Frenchwomen. Today, I’ll give you a pictorial preview of coming posts.


2 thoughts on “In the Souse

  1. Christine, I learned this listening to Slovenians say souse for south. At least that final th is really an f, isn’t it. I went souf instead of norf. Best, Tom

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