Open for Business

Somehow, it happens. After weeks of imagining, calling, emailing, paying (and paying) discussing, deciding, listing (not a verb in the sense that I mean it, I know), shopping, cleaning, plastering, painting, framing, nailing, hanging, writing, translating (alas, badly), we finally made it to the opening night of our beloved artefact gallery. I just checked my to do list and somehow all those things happened. Now our summer can truly begin. IMG_1889 IMG_1893IMG_1895IMG_1891IMG_1888IMG_1892


Many friends and family members came. A number of folks new to artefact came, too. Elaine and Jim cooked up a storm despite the fact that the food is SUPPOSED to be lousy at a vernissage. Let’s take a look at what we are up to in artefact this summer.

IMG_1887Fabulous pillow collection. Faithful readers will recognize the Paris fabrics on the pillows made by wonderful Laure Bonneville. The shelving units are neat and were whipped up by talented friends.



At the serious end of the gallery, fine art rules. The exhibition is called “Atila et Moi”. Moi is me. I’m showing the works I did in France – mostly acrylic and pure pigment on paper. Have a look.

IMG_1913 This is one of the  ones that sold.



Do you see some of the influence of the art I was looking at in Paris – at the Art Fair, and the Drawing Salon? Here’s a reminder:IMG_1270IMG_1272 I saw these intensely coloured works and got interested in trying out the use of pure pigment in my work. The colours are so rich and deep.

The Atila of our show is a surrealist painter whose works came up for auction at Drouot in the early spring.  I acquired several lots thinking, I could build a show around this stuff. It is really good. The show is about surrealism and the influence one artist has on another. Go here for more info on the gallery, the show, and for my artist’s statement. Man, was this  fun: conceiving and curating the show and hanging it, aided by friend Alison. I think Atila would have liked it. That idea has been important to me. Have a look.

atila croppedIMG_1904


Atila and an etching from 1980.

IMG_1907The etchings look great clustered together in the black gallery where you can really get up close. The work on the easel is one of mine, inspired by Atila Here’s a close up. IMG_1901IMG_1903 IMG_1868 More Atila’s from the 1980’s. I love their mysterious symbolism. I come back again and again thinking who are these people; what stories are they acting out? You feel on the verge of comprehension and then it slips away again.

It was a great night and a good party. Today in the gallery it was blessedly quiet and I enjoyed the peace and the alone time. IMG_1908

We are open for business. Damn! Is that painting crooked?


2 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. Hey there Christine.
    I’m so pleased to have you back up and running (Blog wise). This was really my first glimpse of the gallery. It looks wonderful and so filled with light. Congratulations of a great opening Show. An “in the flesh” visit would be grand some day. Hurray for Summer! Love to Alan and Charlotte.

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